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Michael Knowles is the celebrated host of The Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire and The Book Club at PragerU. In 2017, Michael published the #1 national bestselling treatise Reasons to Vote for Democrats, which President Donald Trump hailed as “a great book for your reading enjoyment," and in 2021 published his first book with words, Speechless, which also reached #1 on the national bestseller chart. In late 2020, after an appearance guest-hosting “The Rush Limbaugh Program,” Michael’s daily podcast became syndicated to terrestrial radio.


In addition to podcast and radio, Michael appears regularly on television, and his writing has been featured in the Daily Wire, the Claremont Reviews of Books, the American Conservative, the American Mind, Fox News, and elsewhere. Michael is a graduate of Yale University and has lectured at universities and research institutes around the world.

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